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Beauty Despite Cancer

Created with the help of the NHS, these natural, luxurious and indulgent skincare products are perfect for dry, sore, itchy, flaky and sensitive skin. The Jennifer young Specialist skincare collections and treatments help combat some of the side- effects of the treatment for cancer.

Whether you are looking for a soothing massage, refreshing facial or a blissful hand treatment, we have teamed up with Jennifer Young from Beauty Despite Cancer to give you some of the most rejuvenating and dreamy treatments without the worry of harmful chemicals.

Why not have a look at our online shop where you can purchase Jennifer Young products to use at home and are a perfect gift for anyone living with and beyond cancer. featured

Beauty Despite Cancer

Jennifer Young Glowing Facial - 60 mins


Jennifer Young Indulgent Massage - 35 mins


Jennifer Young Indulgent Massage -60 mins


Jennifer Young Top to Toe -90 mins